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Meet Bryce
Bryce and Horses
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I have been a Wyoming resident for 50 years. My grandfather farmed in the Riverton area after moving to Wyoming in the 1930’s to answer the call for settlers on newly developed irrigation districts in the area. My parents met while in college at Colorado State University, and then moved to my father’s home state of California where I was born. We moved back to Wyoming when I was in high school. I graduated Riverton High School and then attended the University of Wyoming where I received a B.S. degree in Animal Science. I later returned to UW and pursued a master’s degree in Reproductive Physiology. My history and background are rooted in agriculture and ranching. I find my inner peace, joy and tranquility when I am outdoors and with animals. I moved to Casper in 1993 and have lived here longer than any other place. Casper is my home, and Wyoming continues to be my dream and passion. My wife Melodie was a middle and high school English teacher for 30 years in the Alpine School District in Utah and served as an elementary school administrator, so she brings unique and invaluable perspective on education and teaching our children. She also has a master’s degree in education, so her knowledge and perspective from that aspect are tremendous. Currently we own a small business in Casper. We are the epitome of “small business” in that it is just the two of us who own and operate 307Cowboy Country, LLC, a Montana Shed Center dealership where you can usually find us most days of the week with our two border collies, Maid and Kep. Let me state this up front so there is no mistake: I am a proud and staunch political conservative who believes in smaller government, less regulation, low taxes, the sanctity of unborn life, more personal freedom, our republican form of government, the US and Wyoming constitutions, and the rule of law. I believe that Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were two of the greatest Presidents in our country’s history, and I am a proud “America First” supporter. Above all else, I am a fierce and adamant “Wyoming First-beyond all others” advocate, protector and promoter. Over the years I have been a student of, and commentator (sometimes loudly) on, many issues which face our state and country. Starting with the Covid “scamdemic,” however, I became increasingly concerned and critical of the way our state was being governed and managed. During the scamdemic, I watched as those in power abused it and forced illogical and unscientific mandates down on us, ripping families and communities apart and attempting to destroy our economy in the process. I was infuriated when families were not allowed to be with dying family members in hospice or when (by some accounts) over 11,000 small Wyoming businesses were forced to quit because of the action of this governor and the inaction of the legislature. Many of us protested, but to little avail. What has caused me to take the step of seeking political office, however, is rooted in what we have seen most recently. Property taxes on our homes and businesses have exploded across Wyoming causing many of us to seriously question if we can continue to own our property. The 2024 legislature was sent to Cheyenne with a clear mandate from us electors: fix this property tax crisis. Between the virtual inaction of the legislature and the infuriating veto by the governor of the only passed bill which likely had some benefit to most of us, little to nothing actually resulted in benefit to the majority of us. In fact, what came out of this last session was the fact that for many of us who can somehow hold on to our property, all we can look forward to is our property taxes doubling over the next 16 years! Over the past three to four years, it has become clear that there are several “camps” in the Wyoming legislature, from the obvious liberals to the also obvious conservatives, of which I consider myself one and which I most closely align myself with. In between is a large contingent of electeds who proclaim themselves “conservative” in order to get elected and yet mostly vote with the minority party of the democrats, thereby earning the much-deserved title of Republican In Name Only, or RINO. After watching and tracking the last legislative session and watching the establishment RINO’s and this governor virtually spit in the faces of most of us and laugh while doing it, I have decided--- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When I’d scream loudly about all the injustices and missteps that the current legislature has taken, Melodie would ask, “Well, are you going to just complain or are you going to do something about it?”. After deep and serious thought and lots of prayer, Melodie and I have decided that it is time for me to get off the sidelines and stand up for what I believe is right and for those who I believe make up the majority of Wyomingites. Ella Wilcox Wheeler once wrote, “To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.” It is time for me to quit practicing the sin of silence, and to stand up and protest. That is one of the reasons for my campaign. I am seeking to be the representative of Senate District 28. Melodie and I will be going door-to-door over the coming weeks and months in an attempt to meet everyone who lives in Senate District 28, introduce ourselves to them, seek their input, and listen to their issues and concerns that matter most to them and their families. I have given my word . . . my campaign will be about the values I believe we share together and about building and securing a bright future for our Great State. I have tried to outline my position on a myriad of issues, and those can be found on this website. Finally, when elected, I may not cast every vote as everyone would have me, but I commit to always work to keep the tenets and principles that have been outlined and commanded to me by God in His living word, my Bible, at the forefront of all I do. It is my belief that many of the problems and struggles we face as a state and as a nation are because we have moved so far away from God, and that if we but look to and follow Him, we can bring ourselves back to where we desperately need to be.

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