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What is my campaign about?

I believe that Wyoming is at a crossroads.


To the Left, we have more of the same…liberals who register as Republicans because that is the only way to get elected, yet once elected they vote with the Left and in direct opposition to what their constituents who elected them would have them do. To the Left, we have a continued march in lockstep with liberals by politicians in our state who continue to vote for more taxes, more governmental control and spending, the tacit support (by inaction) of the shutdown of the industries that make Wyoming what it has been and what it should be, the continuation of the murder of unborn children through abortion as a means of birth control, and a refusal to do what is right and stand up to Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the scourge of leftist, liberal indoctrination that is permeating our society. To the Left is continued centralized command and control of our education system by liberals who seek to indoctrinate our children into the ways of radical socialism and critical race theory while at the same time subverting the rights and responsibilities of parents to raise their children as they see fit.


To the Right, we have a path towards prosperity and freedom. To the Right is smaller government, less taxes, less governmental spending and resistance to government encroachment into our lives. To the Right is unwavering support for unborn children. To the Right is freedom of choice in terms of medical and educational decisions without the government forcing “one size fits all” mandates upon us. To the Right is resistance to Washington, DC, and liberal politicians and bureaucrats forcing their agendas and wishes upon us. To the Right is unleashing the power of free enterprise and development and utilization of our God-given natural resources to benefit our state and our citizens.

I believe that Wyoming exemplifies the hilltop that President Reagan spoke of. I believe in President Trump’s America First agenda which made our country more secure and in a better financial position than we had seen in a very long time, one that was destroyed by the Biden administration in just a few short months and needs to be restored.


In my opinion, the greatest threat to our country is not the one posed by traditional adversaries, such as Russia and China. I do not believe it comes from radical foreign ideologies such as those we saw behind the September 11th tragedy. I do not believe it arises from sources outside our country’s borders. In my opinion, the greatest threat to our country, to our republic, and to our way of life comes from within, and it is found in radical liberalism. Forces rooted in that ideology are responsible for the murder of millions of babies through abortion (in our country, nearly 65 million since 1973, 55 times the number of all Americans killed in every war since the Revolutionary War!), it is responsible for the degradation and dissolution of the family unit, it has waged war on traditional marriage and on religion, it has brought to power the most corrupt and dangerous presidential administration in our country’s history (the Biden administration), it is responsible for the flooding of our country with illegal aliens across our southern border, it forced untested and dangerous vaccines on our citizens through the use of fear and outright lies, and it has destroyed the greatest economy our country had ever experienced in the past decades.


I believe that there is a path towards prosperity and freedom in our state (and in our country) that is attainable and worth fighting for; I believe that our best days can be before us rather than behind us; I believe in Wyoming and that our power and our brilliance comes NOT from government and those elected, but rather from our citizens and those who elect us. The best government comes from an educated, engaged, diligent and watchful electorate who holds the elected accountable.


You have my word . . . my campaign will be about the values I believe we share together and building and securing a bright future for our Great State. I look forward to visiting every household in SD 28 and spending more time with you over the coming months to discuss the issues that matter most to you and your family. I want to hear what is of importance to you and I appreciate the opportunity to share with you what matters to me.

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